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Track List

    1. I Will Remember
    2. Irena Cross the Ocean
    3. Freeman’s Song
    4. Auction Day
    5. Saturday Night in
    6. Packwood
    7. Marie LaFleur
    8. Willard & Beulah
    9. Sleeping Dogs
    10. Sweet Louisa
    11. Doing What We Can
    12. Five Pines

Heartfelt, from the heartland, with deep Iowa roots. What is it about Iowa anyway? “Packwood” chronicles the 19th century American immigrant experience in the rural Midwest right on through to suburban exodus, as played out in the town and country surrounding Packwood, Iowa. Like faded snapshots, these eleven songs tell the story with compression and resonance.

An evocative “non-singer”-writer in the tradition of Cohen, Wainwright and Dylan, Klingaman puts these gems across with the help of classic, understated, arrangements and sympathetic vocal harmonies by Linda Winston and Lenne Klingaman. Violinist Joel Zifkin, formerly of Kate & Anna McGarrigle and presently with Richard Thompson, adds depth and color to complement the emotional weight of these stories. The mix by the late Tom Tucker (Prince, Greg Brown’s “Covenant,” Lucinda William’s “Essence”) is transparent and true. Stand-outs include “Willard & Beulah”, “Freeman’s Song”, and “Auction Day”.

Produced and engineered by Steve Klingaman


Recorded at NoName Studio. San Francisco/Minneapolis
Violin recording engineered by Morris Apelbaum at
Silent Sound Studio, Montreal
Mixed by Tom Tucker, Master Mix Studios, Minneapolis
Mastered by Tom Tucker, Jr., Master Mix Studios

Guest Artists

Lenne Klingaman ~ vocals
Jarod Rush ~ keyboards
Michael Wilkes ~ drums
Linda Winston ~ vocals
Joel Zifkin ~ violin

Cover photograph “Near Ridgeway, Iowa”, rear cover “Near Hesper, Iowa” by Robert
Campagna, Abbe Creek Gallery, Mount Vernon, IA