Promised Land

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Promised Land

Track List

    1. Atlas
    2. Emerald Eyes
    3. Walking in the Shadows of Love
    4. The Promised Land
    5. Little White Lies
    6. Time

Body Politic was a rock trio based in San Francisco in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I handled lead vocals and electric guitar. Cliff Baker played bass and sang BU vocals and “Jungle Gym” Lincoln played drums. The band played all originals either by me or Cliff and myself.

A trio is a tricky thing. It’s a bit of a high-wire act. You can make a really big sound, with lots of room for everything but one wrong move and all the wires and pulleys are revealed. But when that band worked—when we’d follow some six-piece band onstage and kick butt—there was nothing like it. And as a guitarist, being in a trio forces you to focus on what’s necessary. No frills or party favors.

It was great fun working with Damien Rasmussen at Dancing Dog Studios in Emeryville, and some of the songs, like Emerald Eyes, are real gems.