“I pretend it’s just me…”

Check out Lenne’s guest blog post on the origins and making of  The Heart is the Hunter at stageagent.com. It’s a candid and very personal take on what it means to step into new creative waters at the deep end of the pool.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I pretend it’s just me, the mic, and my imagination. Something takes over; the power of the lyric or the soaring of a guitar lick. I become transported and a conduit for the song. It feels like the muse flows right through me. It’s that same feeling that I get when, on the best of nights onstage, you don’t even know what is quite happening, the play is simply happening to you, because you now know it like the back of your hand, (like your favorite smoothie recipe, like the smell of his hair, like that play you devoured) and you also know you have the reins. There is no editing or self-judgment in those moments; just artistic cohesion. They really are quite similar.”

It’s a great read about the interplay between acting and singing and moving from the stage to the mic.


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