Lenne Klingaman: The Radio Nowhere Interview

THITH-8396Lenne Klingaman arrived in NYC on Friday and conducted her first radio interview last night with Radio Nowhere On WMSC, 90.3 FM hosted by Joltin’ Joe Paszonek. Check out the the online rebroadcast at http://www.radionowhere903.com/
The interview features 4 songs from The Heart Is the Hunter CD and Joe and Lenne getting down on her big move to the Big Apple and the making of the album. The interview will be rebroadcast on Mon 8pm, Tues 2pm, Wed 7am, Sat 3am, and 12pm Eastern Daylight Time.
Joe Pszonek has been one the two or three DJs (out of more than 20 who have aired the album to date) who have supported her work with the most airplay and recognition. Joe’s playlists are an art form in themselves and reveal a truly gifted radio personality steeped in a deep appreciation of indie roots music in all its forms. Radio Nowhere is based in New Jersey and part of a stable of radio programs that air in syndication and online. The name, of course, is inspired by the Bruce Springsteen song. Do check it out if you can!

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